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Ernest Claesstraat 11
8020 Oostkamp, Belgium
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Connect with family

Above all, Wetime is a family app, allowing you to create your personal family circle


Make new friends

Wetime helps you to easily connect to new, like minded people in the neighbourhood


Innovative social features

Wetime is a bridge builder in many various ways

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Enrich your family time

With our tools, we optimize family time and save your memories securely.

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Connect with other families

Connect with other families and learn new things in your neighborhood or when you are on vacation

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Learn to know each other better

With our tools, we try to bring down walls and try to connect family members.

We listen to
our users

Our app is created after a year of testing and listing to our users and non-users. We opened our app to single parents and the children in the family. As you are the key. So this is why we also have our upvote system for new functions

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Who is Lucy?

Lucy is a happily married mother of two kids. She noticed the impact mobile devices had on her family. She decided to act on it and created a safe platform for her family and also a platform where she can connect with other families and share unique moments.

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Monday To Friday: 9am To 8pm
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Ernest Claesstraat 11,8020 Oostkamp, Belgium

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